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Virginia Bibliography - Introduction

This publications search system is based on a collection of water-resources publications for Virginia by U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) authors. The compilation is not intended to be an exhaustive literature review. Not all papers and abstracts prepared for meetings or scientific journals, for example, are included here.

Water-resources reports for Virginia come in a variety of formats, including books, journal articles, map reports, brochures, fact sheets, and abstracts. The USGS report numbering system reflects the report format and initial distribution of the report at the time of publication. Short general audience reports are generally designated as Circulars or Fact Sheets. Data and interpretive reports of local interest are designated as Open File reports and Water Resources Investigation reports. Reports of national interest are generally published as Water-Supply Papers or Professional Papers. These publications-series definitions have relaxed in recent years with the implementation of Internet access to publications.

Cooperative support for some of the water-resources data and investigative reports was furnished by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality; the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation; other State agencies; universities; and county and city governments. A number of other Federal agencies cooperatively supported some of the investigations.

The product of a successful search is a list of one or more reports in bibliographic format.