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     The carbonate aquifer system of the Northern Shenandoah Valley provides an important water supply to local communities. This is an area with an expanding economy and a growing population, and this aquifer is likely to be further developed to meet future water needs. An improved understanding of this complex aquifer system is required to effectively develop and manage it as a sustainable water supply. Hydrogeologic information provided by a detailed aquifer appraisal will provide useful information to better address questions about (1) the quantity of water available for use, (2) the effects of increased pumpage on ground-water levels and instream flows, (3) the relation between karst features and the hydrology and geochemistry of the surface- and ground-water flow systems, and (4) the quality of the ground-water supply and its vulnerability to current and potential future sources of contamination.





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     In October 2000, the U.S. Geological Survey began an investigation to better characterize the carbonate aquifer system of Frederick County and provide relevant hydrogeologic information that can be used to guide the development and management of this important water resource.  Domestic well being drilled
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